Skyler Chen’s work is naughty, but oh so nice. In GLANCE, Unveiling hidden desires, the artist lures us in with intriguing scenes that unravel with subtle hints. Like a dumpling that requires a bite to reveal its content, each of the three paintings in the show is imbued with a peculiar narrative.

Skyler’s protagonists have slick-back hair, slender bodies, chiselled features and rouged cheeks. In two of the paintings, a character clutches a bouquet of flowers while engaging with an obscured figure. The time
is ambiguous and their identities unknown. The men appear chaste and full of longing, but painted details like sex toys and pornography betray their innocence. A cinematic quality permeates these intimate scenes; but what makes them even more inviting is Skyler’s sense of humour. Simply put, his work touches upon many, and often conflicting, aspects of contemporary queer culture – Skyler embraces
it all. We are transported into his works – even for a brief moment. It is precisely this playful element why I find Skyler’s work so charming and so endearing.

– Ed Tang

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